Bonus Features


Some weird, unnecessary facts:

I love dogs. I am loveably awkward in most situations. I smile a lot – like it’s a problem. I am a good people person. I recently discovered I’m obsessed with Sushi and Avocados. I like to ride my bike but I hate putting air in the tires. I am also not very good at riding bikes or anything with wheels – let’s just say, I really like riding my bike on days where bushes and trees don’t attack me. Jimmy Fallon is the Boss. Mindy Kaling is the female Boss. Speaking of the boss, Who’s the Boss? was a great show…pretty much all old school TVLand television was great. For example, Happy Days is probably now and will be forever, one of my all time favorite shows and I am Henry Winkler’s biggest fan. Now that I got that off my chest, here are some of my Love/Hate relationships:

  • Reality T.V.
  • Food
  • Being a Pedestrian
  • Commercials
  • American Culture
  • Exercising
  • Social Media
  • Plane Rides
  • Being Sleepy


If this “About Me” page (for some reason) kept your interest this long and you want to learn more, look me up on *The Google to stay up to date!

*The Google – any form of online place or social media outlet…because it is all one thing, according to my mother.