Still Seeking: Career


The Job Spiel

I am interested in building a career surrounded by creative ideas and people. So far I have my sights set on Production, Marketing, and Advertising. I have and entrepreneurial spirit and tend to lean towards leadership roles. Currently I am working in sales at a local gym, but am hoping to broaden my career path in the near future. I would love a job where I can better put to use my great communication skills and hard work ethic by doing something I believe in and enjoy.

During the time when I am not working my sales job, I am a part time Production Assistant for America’s Got Talent and a Dog Walker at my own start-up company called PackOutWalks. Though being a PA does not pay that well and is not very steady, it is the most thrilling and fun work experience I have ever had. My heart will always yearn to be near production, whether it is on stage or screen. As for dog walking, there is nothing like being your own boss and getting to hang around cute, furry animals all day. I have always loved being around animals, especially dogs. Also, being a leader comes naturally to me; and being able to care for animals allows me to step into that leadership role knowing that the care and attention I provide is appreciated. Dogs just make you feel good.


Feel free to check out my resume below and connect with me on LinkedIn: